Available Estimated Excess Generation

Available Excess Generation for Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018

The following report on available energy is based upon good faith estimates, and is a good faith attempt to anticipate Portland General Electric's system operation. Variations from anticipated system load may prompt us to restate the amount of available energy for sale.

In addition, other factors affecting available resources, such as changes in unit availability or fuel supply, may also prompt us to restate the amount of energy available for sale. PGE calculates available capacity (in MWh) as follows: Generation - Load - Operating Reserves = Available Capacity, where Generation = PGE's Scheduled Non-Hydro Generation, Load = PGE's Native Load, and Operating Reserves = PGE's required Spinning and Supplemental Reserves.

It is assumed that all energy transacted under this order shall be scheduled in accordance with WECC scheduling practices and will be valued at a price set by mutual agreement between PGE and the counter-party to the transaction. Actual agreements for energy sales from PGE's available capacity will be made with the wholesale Merchant Function at 503-464-7410.

Unless later posted otherwise, available capacity = 0 MW for all hours.