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How We Generate Energy
How We Generate Energy
A diverse mix for a dependable future
How We Generate Energy

Portland General Electric is focused on providing reliable, responsibly generated power at a reasonable cost. To accomplish this requires a broad mix of generation resources. While some utilities obtain their power from one or two sources, PGE relies on seven different sources. The greater diversity in our power supply contributes to higher reliability and more stable prices.

2013 Power Sources as a Percent of Retail Load

PGE 2013 resource mix

Based on Sources of Electricity 2013 report. This chart does not reflect PGE’s use, generation or disposition of renewable energy certificates.

Some of our electric power comes from generating plants owned by PGE, and some comes from other suppliers. We operate 10 wholly-owned and four jointly-owned hydroelectric, natural gas, coal and wind power plants. We’re proud that we make electricity in Oregon for Oregonians, providing family-wage jobs and developing renewable energy resources to strengthen our region’s future.

We also own many of our own transmission lines. These connections give us the flexibility to manage our facilities in conjunction with other power supplies. That way we can move the lowest-cost electricity in real time from where there is abundance to where there is a need.

When fish swim, customers win
As energy suppliers, we recognize that sometimes there’s an environmental impact in generating power. As a part of this community, we’re working hard to reduce that impact wherever we can. Recent successes include:

PGE is strong on renewables… and growing
In planning for clean energy now and into the future, PGE is proud to run the most successful residential, renewable energy program in the country for the fourth year in a row. Customers of all types, from individual homeowners to large companies, have consistently increased their support of PGE Green SourceSM, Clean WindSM and Habitat Support programs year after year. Some even generate their own power to supplement what we provide, easing the load on the grid and reducing the need for new power plants. In a variety of passionate ways, our local community is telling us they value the renewable options offered by PGE.

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