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Power Plants
Power Plants
Delivering quality power at low cost
Power Plants

PGE meets our area’s growing energy demands with a diverse mix of low-cost generation facilities that includes water power, wind, coal and gas combustion. See the chart below for the generating capabilities of our seven hydroelectric plants, wind farm and five thermal plants.

We also own major transmission rights to the Pacific Intertie, the West Coast electrical superhighway. These power exchange lines give us the flexibility to buy and sell power to other utilities when it’s not needed by our customers.

We manage our own power plants in conjunction with available power supplies on the wholesale market to deliver power to our customers at the lowest price possible.

Wholly owned plants Location Net MW Capacity1
Faraday Clackamas River 46
North Fork Clackamas River 58
Oak Grove Clackamas River 44
River Mill Clackamas River 25
T.W. Sullivan Willamette River 18
Natural Gas/Oil
Beaver Clatskanie, Ore. 516
Coyote Spring Boardman, Ore. 246
Port Westward Clatskanie, Ore. 410
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm2 Sherman Co., Ore. 450
Jointly owned plants3
Boardman4 Boardman, Ore. 374
Colstrip 3 & 45 Colstrip, Mont. 296
Pelton6 Deschutes River 73
Round Butte6 Deschutes River 225
Total: 2,781 MW

Power Purchase Agreements
Vansycle Ridge Wind Project, Umatilla County, 25 MW
Klondike II Wind Project, Sherman County, 75 MW

Disptachable Standby Generation7     80 MW

1 Based on generation under normal operating conditions, net of electricity used in the operation of a given facility.
2 For wind-powered generating facilities, nameplate ratings are used in place of net capacity.
3 Reflects PGE’s ownership share.
4 PGE operates Boardman and has a 65 percent ownership interest.
5 PPL Montana, LLC operates Colstrip 3 and 4; PGE has a 20 percent ownership interest.
6 PGE operates Pelton and Round Butte and has a 66.67 percent ownership interest.
7 PGE remotely starts, operates and maintains customer-owned, standby generators for system operating reserves and peak load management.
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