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Smart Grid
Smart Grid
Enabling new technologies that save energy and money and help the environment
Smart Grid

What is the smart grid?
At its essence, electricity flows today pretty much as it has for the last hundred years — in a one-way street from where it’s generated to where it’s used. But new smart grid technologies can create a two-way loop that will help us make our system more efficient and more reliable for our customers.

Smart meters make it possible
Smart meters installed at homes and businesses are the foundation of the smart grid. Linked wirelessly between PGE and your home or business, smart meters enable two-way data communications to quickly pinpoint outages and speed repairs. They can also provide you with insight into your energy use through tools like our online Energy TrackerSM.

The smart grid taps into new power sources like smart appliances, standby generators, and giant batteries charged with wind and solar energy. This will help utilities control power costs and restore power in the blink of an eye.

Smart grid initiatives
PGE is leading the way in building a smarter grid for Oregon’s energy future. Learn more about PGE smart grid initiatives and how they can benefit your home or business in the future.

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