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Smart Meters
Smart Meters
Smart Meters

PGE completed its upgrade to a new generation of smart meters in 2010. These new digital meters allow PGE to read the meter remotely over a private, secure wireless network, much like a cell phone network. Meter readers no longer have to visit your home or business every month to read the meter. However, PGE will still periodically access the meter for routine testing and maintenance.

Benefits of smart meters
You’ll continue to enjoy the same reliable electrical service and your bill will look the same as before. But smart meters help us improve customer service, operate more efficiently and keep our prices as low as possible. There are several advantages:
  • Saves money: Smart meters save $18.2 million annually through operational efficiency. Controlling costs helps keep electric prices as low as possible.
  • Saves the environment: Fewer meter-reading vehicles cut 1.2 million miles of driving, save 80,000 gallons of gasoline and reduce CO2 emissions by 1.5 million pounds every year.
  • Increases services: In 2011, customers were able to select their desired bill due date with the PGE Preferred Due Date program. In 2012, they’ll be able to monitor their energy usage online with our new Energy Tracker program.
  • Helps you save energy: Via smart meters, Energy Tracker will give you access to detailed information about your power consumption. Together, we can help you plan energy-saving strategies.
  • Speeds power restoration: Further down the road, the new meters will be able to tell PGE if you’re experiencing a power outage. That can help us dispatch repair crews more efficiently and speed the restoration of service.
  • Enables smart grid technology: Smart metering is the foundation for future “smart grid” and “smart home” technology that will help us optimize our services, add convenience and lower your energy costs.

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