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Heat Pump Offer

Save 40% on heating costs with a new heat pump

We’re offering exclusive deals on heat pumps for every living space, lifestyle and budget. We teamed up with multiple vendor partners to give you special pricing on heat pumps from several well-known, dependable manufacturers.

Heat pump benefits

  • An energy-efficient workhorse to heat and cool your home
  • 40% savings on heating costs
  • Heat/cool your entire home or just a single room
  • Discounts available for a limited time
  • Financing on your PGE bill
  • May qualify for cash back from Energy Trust of Oregon

Bottom line: A heat pump is a practical, energy-efficient, money-saving choice for your home.

Find the right system for your home

You have options when it comes to how you heat and cool your home. Here are the most popular ones:


  • Best for homes without existing ducts
  • Has an interior unit that’s mounted on the wall or concealed in the ceiling
  • Operated with a remote control
  • Typical price range: $3,000 to $5,000


  • If your home already has ducts, this is likely the best option
  • May be best choice for larger homes
  • Works with smart thermostats such as Nest or ecobee
  • Typical price range: $5,000 to $15,000

You can also combine ducted and ductless in homes that have large, complex layouts with challenging living spaces like attics converted to bedrooms, bonus rooms over garages, home offices, finished basements or ADUs.

Still have questions? We can help.

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