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Be a pioneer

It’s no secret that we depend on more and more energy these days – especially at certain times. Most of us come home in the evening and cook dinner, turn on our computers or do other household activities that use up energy.

We’re inviting PGE customers to join our smart water heater pilot. As a participant, you’ll join customers from eight other utilities in a BPA-funded project that will help us learn more about smart water heaters and how they can help us deliver energy more efficiently, all while you earn cash. Learn more about eligibility.

Your water heater can be smart and efficient

Your water heater is one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home. By providing hot water for showers, dishes, washers and other appliances, it uses large amounts of energy. But did you know your water heater could save you money if it were “smart”? Similar to a smartphone, you can have a smart water heater – which saves energy and cuts costs by letting you or PGE decide the best times to heat the water that goes into your tank. But don’t worry; smart water heaters always hold a large supply of hot water for you to use.

How the pilot works

If you have one of these qualifying water heaters, we’ll send you two devices that you’ll connect to your water heater so you can join the pilot. During the pilot, water heating will be remotely scaled back during peak times or increased to absorb available wind or solar energy. Your smart water heater will also send status information back to PGE, which will help us more accurately forecast Oregon’s energy needs.

What’s more, we’ll also use that info to quantify the benefits of smart water heaters and help the region work toward it’s goal of installing 3.5 million energy-saving smart water heaters throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your water heater, we’ll help you get one installed at a special value.

Get cash

You’ll earn cash incentives for participating in the pilot:

  • $50 – Establish communication on your smart water heater
  • $100 – Participate in the pilot for one year
  • If replacing your water heater, you’ll also receive a free upgrade on a smart water heater (a $150 value)

Reduce our carbon footprint

Our pilot pilot will help to better satisfy peak demand energy needs in the Northwest, which leads to:

  • More renewable energy sources
  • Lower energy costs
  • Fewer new power plants

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