Join Tandem and help enable a cleaner future while earning rewards.

PGE Tandem is designed to help you and PGE work together for a cleaner, more sustainable future. You get rewarded for making small changes that add up to a greater impact for us all.

Tandem works with PGE’s smarter, more modern grid to shift energy use during times when demand is highest, such as a really hot afternoon or cold morning, while giving you the ability to choose your own settings when you want. You earn rewards for shifting your energy use, and we’re able to provide your power more affordably and sustainably.

Here’s how it works

Tandem shaves just a little off of those highest peaks in summer or winter energy demand by shifting it earlier or later. This might mean, for example, pre-heating or pre-cooling your home (so your thermostat can be lower during a peak time while still keeping you warm and cozy).

If lots of homes temporarily shift a little away from those peak times, we don't have to build a power plant just for the handful of hottest or coldest days each year. That helps keep costs lower overall. It also gives us the flexibility to draw on cleaner, more cost effective energy to power your home.

When everyone shifts just a little, we make a big difference while still having comfort, reliability and affordability. After all, when it comes to staying connected, while using our resources wisely, we’re all in this together.