Best deals of the year on smart thermostats

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Not only can a smart thermostat keep your home at the perfect temperature, it can also help you save $35 to $70* a year on heating and cooling costs. And with this irresistible holiday offer, you’ll save even more:

Right now, you can get $100 off an ecobee and Google Nest and starting Nov. 19, keep your eye out for smart thermostat deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Get $100 off right now

Want even more deals? Get your first $25 when you connect your new thermostat to our ongoing rewards program.

*Save $35 to 45 a year for most heating systems; up to $70 if you have a heat pump.

$39 offer is for a Google Nest Thermostat E after limited-time discount and $100 Energy Trust instant incentive coupon. Prices vary on qualified products. See the Energy Trust coupon page for details.

Google Nest is a registered trademark of Google LLC.