Buy a smart thermostat

Crank up the envy

Turn the envy up to 11 with a new smart thermostat. “But, I already have a thermostat,” you say? Well, is it app-controlled? Can Alexa adjust it with just the sound of your voice? Does it look like a tiny spaceship on your living-room wall?! We rest our case.

Why smart thermostats?

Let’s face it, time’s running out on your old thermostat. Smart thermostats are winning the battle as the next must-have technology in every home. They’re affordable, loaded with features and save on energy costs. Need more convincing? Here’s a quick rundown of what smart thermostats can do:

  • Reduce your energy use
  • Manage energy costs
  • Earn rewards from PGE
  • Control your heating and cooling from an app
  • Enable home automation and work with other connected home devices
  • Contribute to a more reliable, affordable, sustainable energy grid by using less when others use more

Get the thermostat, get rewards

Once you have your smart thermostat up and running, register for our rewards program. You can earn up to $75 your first year in our program and up to $50 every year after that.

Make a smart decision

Ready to take the plunge into climate-controlled bliss? Some great smart thermostat options are below. You can purchase straight from the site and have one shipped directly to your door.