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Renewables & Efficiency
Darren Murtaugh, Portland
In 2008, Darren Murtaugh was given a mission: Determine what solar power could look like at PGE’s substations. He answered with a plan for a pilot solar project at three of them. A small project? Maybe. But to Murtaugh, it’s a statement to our customers: We hear you.

PGE’s renewable power program helps ensure a reliable, sustainable energy future for Oregon, and thanks to our customers it's the most successful program of its kind in the country.*

Home Energy Savings
Saving energy is one of the best ways to help your household budget. PGE can help.

Business Energy Savings
Control your energy use, boost your bottom line and contribute to a cleaner environment with energy-efficiency measures.

Renewable Energy Options
You have the power to make a difference by selecting a cleaner energy option. Reducing your carbon footprint is cheaper than you might think.

Generate Your Own Power
Whether it’s for financial or environmental reasons, many Oregonians are interested in generating their own renewable energy. PGE can show you how.

Environmental Initiatives at PGE
PGE continually strives to be a thoughtful steward of our environment. Learn about our climate change policy and how we work to protect wildlife habitat in our region.

*Latest National Renewable Energy Laboratory ranking for number of renewable power customers and most renewable energy sold.
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