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Selling Power to PGE
Selling Power to PGE
PGE will purchase electricity from qualifying power-production facilities
Selling Power to PGE

Small power producers sell power directly to PGE and receive a check each billing cycle for their electricity. The sale price is based on PGE’s Avoided Cost, which is lower than the retail rate used for crediting customers of our Net Metering Service. See Schedule 201 (PDF) for details on pricing for small power producers.

Under state regulations for small power producers, participants must sell power directly to the utility and pay utility rates for any energy they might use. There is also a monthly charge for reading the production meter. For most customers, these differences make small power production less attractive than Net Metering.

Small power production
Here is what is needed to sell power from a facility that has a nameplate of 10 MW of power or less:
  • The co-generation facility or a small power production facility must meet federal rules for a qualifying facility.
  • The small generator facility and related equipment must be built and operated according to national standards for interconnections with electric utilities.
  • If the system generates more than 30 amps, it must have a lockable isolation device readily accessible to PGE.
  • You must demonstrate proof of site control (property tax bill, deed, lease agreement or other legally binding contract) for the location of the small generator facility.
  • You must carry general liability insurance for a facility with a nameplate capacity of more than 200 kilowatts.
  • For multiple generators, the total nameplate capacity at a point of interconnection must be 10 MW or less.

Small power production forms
If your facility qualifies for small power production and you want to sell power to PGE, you will need to complete the following forms, as appropriate: Small power production contact
For more information, contact the small power production coordinator. You can email the production coordinator, call 503-464-8000 and ask for the small power production coordinator or mail correspondence to:

  • Portland General Electric
  • Small power production coordinator
  • 121 SW Salmon St., 3WTC-0407
  • Portland, OR 97204

Generating more than 10 MW
If your qualifying facility has a nameplate capacity greater than 10 MW and you’d like to sell power, PGE will buy the power under a negotiated power purchase agreement. This contract with PGE covers all aspects of the sale, delivery and purchase of this power and the rights and responsibilities of both parties. For more information, see Schedule 202 (PDF) for facilities greater than 10 MW or call 503-464-8000 and ask for the power production coordinator.

Solar RFP
The Oregon Legislature created a new “feed-in tariff” program to encourage the development of more solar energy projects in the state by offering customers an attractive payment rate for the power their systems generate. Solar projects 100 kW or smaller may participate in the feed-in tariff through our Solar Payment Option. But if you want to install a larger solar project, from >100 kW up to 500 kW, you may participate in the feed-in tariff through a competitive bid RFP process. For more information, see the Solar RFP schedule (PDF) and download the RFP information (PDF).

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