A brand new way to experience energy

Learn more about PGE’s newest pricing plan

Flex is an exciting and easy opportunity to save money simply by shifting your energy use to times when there’s less demand for electricity and prices are lower.

At certain times of day and on certain days of the year, like hot summer and cold winter days, higher collective demand for electricity can put pressure on energy prices and the environment.

By shifting your energy use away from these times you can impact your energy bill, and continue to help make Oregon a more sustainable place to live for generations to come — all while still receiving the same safe, reliable energy from PGE.

Why Flex?

PGE is committed to our customers, community and the environment. If we all make small changes to our routine and shift some of our energy usage away from high-demand times, we can make a big impact without sacrificing comfort.

How do I participate?

Currently Flex is being offered as a pilot – if you’re eligible to participate you will receive an email or postcard with an activation code.

Flex activation code

Visit the Flex website for additional information. You can also email Flex@pgn.com or call 866-503-9022.