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Earn cash rewards and help us develop better EV charging programs

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Each time someone in your community chooses an EV over gas, we get one step closer to Oregon’s clean energy future. Which is why we’re inviting you to apply for the SmartCharge PGE Pilot, a free, exclusive program open to current EV drivers, that rewards you for helping us understand the charging behavior of EV owners. What we learn from you will help us develop EV programs that make it easier for drivers to make the switch, and help more drivers see the benefits of EVs.

  • Earn cash rewards. It’s free to join and you’ll get paid to drive your EV as usual. Earn $100 when you are enrolled in the program, and $10 for every month you participate. If you live in one of PGE’s Smart Grid Test Beds, you may be eligible to earn additional monthly cash rewards based on your charging behavior.
  • Charge smarter. Discover new ways to get the most out of your electric vehicle, including tips on how to charge and drive more efficiently. Use the online driver dashboard to track your EV’s performance, energy usage and more.
  • Help your community embrace EVs. As a member of the SmartCharge PGE Pilot Program, you’ll share your charging and driving routines with us. We’ll use that information to create new programs that maximize the benefits of driving your electric vehicle, encourage others to switch to EVs, and ensure the smart grid of the future supports the growth of EV use in your area.

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The details

PGE is partnering with Fleet Carma, a technology company that will securely gather and analyze your charging behavior, helping us understand your evolving power habits and routines. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to participate in the program. Space is limited, so some applicants may be placed on a wait list.
  2. If accepted, you’ll receive program details, along with a charging measurement device and step-by-step instructions on how to install it in your EV.
  3. Once the device is installed and activated, you’ll begin receiving monthly rewards.

Enroll in the SmartCharge PGE Pilot today and help us support the growth of EV use in your community and contribute to Oregon’s clean energy future.