Peak Time Rebates

Earn rebates for shifting energy on certain days of the year


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Peak Time Rebates is a new program that rewards you for shifting your energy use for a couple hours on the 12 to 20 days a year when the temperatures are unusually hot or cold.

During these times energy demand (and prices) are at their highest:

  • By reducing your energy consumption during these peak times, you can save money by earning rebates directly on your bill
  • Shifting energy use allows us to rely on more renewable sources of energy at peak times
  • This program and others like it, help keep prices more affordable for the entire community

To join Peak Time Rebates you can enroll online or call 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818 on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How it works

The day before an unusually hot or cold day, we will identify a 3- to 4-hour period in the afternoon or early evening when energy demand will be highest. We call these Peak Time Events and will invite you to shift your energy use so you can save money on your bill.

Peak Time Rebates

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Get notified. We will notify you of a Peak Time Event the day before it occurs through a text or email.
  2. Shift use. During an event, you can reduce your energy use with simple changes like waiting to wash dishes and laundry or adjusting your thermostat 1 to 3 degrees.
  3. Earn rebates. If you reduced your energy use during the Peak Time Event, you can get rewarded with a rebate on your next bill.

Get started

Your participation is completely voluntary and there’s no cost to be a part of Peak Time Rebates. You decide how many Peak Time Events you want to join in on. If it’s all of them, great. If you’re finding it hard to find time to shift, that’s okay too. We’re committed to offering you new and exciting ways to save on your terms.

Explore these frequently asked questions to learn more about Peak Time Rebates.

Price information

Our Peak Time Rebates program earns you bill credits for shifting your energy consumption during Peak Time Events.

How much can I save?

Based on results from PGE’s pilot program, participating customers saved an average of $2 to $3 per Peak Time Event.* PGE anticipates that there could be between 12 and 20 Peak Time Events per year.

Note: Customers should exercise discretion and consider health impacts when reducing electricity usage.

How are my savings calculated?

Your smart meter measures total household electricity usage. PGE will calculate your savings by comparing your electricity usage during a Peak Time Event with your usage on days with similar weather leading up to the event. PGE gives you $1 for every kilowatt-hour of electricity you reduce during a Peak Time Event, compared with what you would normally use. For more information see our frequently asked questions.

Sign up for Peak Time Rebates

Regardless of how much you save, when everyone works together to shift their energy consumption, it helps to lower overall costs for Oregon.

Enroll online or call 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818 on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

*Your actual savings will vary, so there is no guarantee of savings.