Special Offers & Incentives

Get cash back for efficiency

Energy Trust incentives

You’re eligible for cash-back from Energy Trust of Oregon for qualifying energy-efficiency and renewable-energy improvements. Incentives are available for:

  • Weatherization, including insulation and windows
  • Heating and cooling, including heat pumps
  • Water heating, including high-efficiency electric heat pump water heaters
  • Select ENERGY STAR® clothes washers
  • Renewable projects, including solar electric and small wind turbines

Energy Trust offers

Take advantage of these special Energy Trust incentives:

PGE offers

You can finance energy-efficient heat pump systems by taking advantage of the new on-bill repayment program made possible by Energy Trust, local lender Craft3, and PGE. Simply repay your loan in installments through your PGE monthly bill. Ask your contractor about eligibility and terms.

Tax credits