Ways to Save

High Bill Help

Top seasonal triggers and tips.

Energy Tracker

See where you’re spending energy dollars.

No-cost & Low-cost Tips

Start saving right away (even if you rent).

Appliances & Electronics

Shopping for an appliance or electronics? Get help buying the most energy efficient models you can.

Special Offers & Incentives

Get cash back for efficiency.

Stop energy leaks

No matter how good your systems or how efficient your behavior, it pays to weatherize.

Smart purchases

Wring the most from your energy dollar.

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Renter? Find ways to save. Renter?

Find ways to save in our No-Cost & Low-Cost section, Energy Tracker, plus Weatherization, Lighting and Appliances & Electronics.

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Dishwasher vs. hand-washing? Does cold water really get laundry clean? Kill-a-what? Best way to boil water? What makes your fridge work?

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