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Understand and control your energy usage

We’ve made improvements

Energy Tracker is better than ever and has more tools to help you manage your energy use. It’s easier to use online and on your mobile devices, you can quickly set up your home’s energy profile, and update it as you make improvements.

You’ll find even more custom recommendations about your best next steps to save energy, plus savings estimates for each action. You can also compare your home’s energy use to similar homes to see how yours stacks up.

Get started with free energy monitoring

Energy TrackerSM shows you when and how you’re using energy, and how to save.

It’s free, online and easy to use. To start, simply enroll or sign in to your account.

Energy Tracker helps you save

  • At-a-glance summary: See your bill amount so far this month and an estimate of your next bill.
  • Bill comparison: See how your bill has changed since last week, month or year.††
  • Energy usage charts: See how much electricity you use by month, week, day and hour. Track the impact of temperature or efficiency actions.
  • Energy use by category: A pie chart shows where you use the most energy, such as heating or lighting, so you’ll know where to focus your savings efforts.
  • Custom savings plan: Set a savings goal and create a custom plan to reach it. Practical actions show you how to cut energy waste without sacrificing comfort.
  • Links to cash incentives: Learn about Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives for energy-efficiency improvements.

Energy usage to date is unavailable for a few days at the end of one billing cycle and the start of the next.

†Historical data is available for a 13-month rolling period. Data for new accounts will be available after two billing cycles.

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