Weatherization Assistance

Free help if you qualify

You may be eligible for free help weatherizing your home!

  • Energy conservation education
  • Sealing air leaks
  • Energy-related minor repairs
  • Heating duct improvements
  • Refrigerator replacement
  • Ceiling, wall and floor insulation
  • Furnace repair or replacement

If you meet the income guidelines in the chart below, contact the agency for the county in which you live, also listed below.

If you qualify for the program, the agency will send an employee or contractor to conduct an energy audit and do the appropriate weatherization work.

Renters may also receive assistance, but the landlord must agree to have the work done.

Often, there is a significant waiting list for this program, so apply as soon as possible. If your furnace or heat source is not working, you may be eligible for faster assistance.

The agency you contact can provide you with the name of the employee or contractor so you can confirm their identity when they arrive at your home.

Income guidelines (As of July 1, 2016)

Size of family unit Annual gross income Monthly gross income
1 $23,760 $1,980.00
2 $32,040 $2,670.00
3 $40,320 $3,360.00
4 $48,600 $4,050.00
5 $56,880 $4,740.00
6 $65,160 $5,430.00
7 $73,460 $6,121.67
8 $81,780 $6,815.00
9 $90,100 $7,508.33
10 $98,420 $8,201.67
11 $106,740 $8,895.00
12 $115,060 $9,558.33
Each additional member $8,320 $693.33

If you earn too much to qualify for weatherization assistance, you may be able to participate in the Savings Within Reach program from Energy Trust of Oregon.

This program offers special incentives to help moderate-income homeowners make energy efficiency improvements.

Where to apply for assistance

The following organizations distribute the funding from sources listed above. Please call the agency in the county where you live.

County Organization Phone Number
Clackamas Clackamas County Social Services
Marion / Polk Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action
Toll-free number outside of Salem
The Salvation Army
Multnomah Human Solutions, Rockwood/SE Powell offices
Impact NW
IRCO − Asian Family Center
Native American Youth and Family Center
Neighborhood House
Self Enhancement Inc.
Washington Community Action, Beaverton/Hillsboro offices 503-615-0771
Yamhill Community Action, McMinnville (YCAP)
Toll-free number
503-472-0457 x1480
855-216-5289 x1480

How to apply

Call the Community Action agency below for your county.

County Organization Phone Number
Clackamas Clackamas County Weatherization 503-650-3338
Marion / Polk Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency 503-315-7055, x9
Multnomah Department of County Human Services 503-988-7423
Washington Washington County Community Action Org. 503-906-6550
Yamhill Community Action Partnership 503-472-0457, x1483

How is this program funded?

Funding comes from several sources, including federal programs and a portion of the 3 percent Public Purpose Charge that all PGE customers pay on their electric bills.

Live in Portland? Live in Portland?

Community Energy Project offers do-it-yourself weatherization workshops for Portlanders who meet income guidelines, plus in-home weatherization for low-income senior and/or disabled residents.

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