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Energy Savings
Energy Savings
Help your budget and the environment by saving energy at home.
Energy Savings

Getting Started
What uses the most energy in your home? Start here to figure out where to focus your energy-saving efforts. Analyze your energy use and calculate costs to understand savings opportunities. Use our new Energy Tracker℠ tool to analyze your energy use and create a savings plan.

Efficiency Improvements
Find no-cost and low-cost actions that could save you energy, along with other energy-efficiency help for homeowners and renters.

Heating & Cooling
Compare heat pumps and other options. Find out how to save energy and still stay comfortable.

Household Appliances
Discover how to select and use home appliances to maximize savings.

Shine some light on one of the easiest and most effective ways to save energy.

Operation Switch
Our community experiment is made up of energy-efficiency missions, each one with a dead-simple thing for everyone to do (how simple? Check it out). We aren’t posting any new missions right now, but you can still leave us a comment, ask a question, or complete all the missions.

Special Offers & Incentives
Find out about how Energy Trust of Oregon incentives, state and federal tax credits and special offers can earn you cash back for making your home more efficient.

Switch Labs
Switch Labs is a new video series that investigates the most energy-efficient way to do household chores — finding the best ways to save you energy and money.

You wanted to know: What actually has impact on refrigerator energy use and how can you save some cold hard cash? Plus, what exactly is a “kilowatt-hour?”

Water Heaters
We can help you save energy on your water heater and plan ahead for your next one.

Increase savings and comfort with insulation, air-sealing, and energy-efficient windows. See if you qualify for weatherization assistance programs.

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