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High-efficiency Heat Pumps
High-efficiency Heat Pumps
A heat pump is a great heating and cooling choice in our mild Pacific Northwest climate.
High-efficiency Heat Pumps
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A heat pump offers many advantages:
  • Comfort. Heat pumps deliver constant, even temperatures without blasts of hot or cold air. They also balance humidity. Modern heat pumps can be sized to deliver air at 120 degrees F or more — sometimes higher than new gas furnaces.
  • Save up to 50 percent.* With a heat pump you could use up to 50 percent less electricity to heat your home.
  • Summer cooling. A heat pump cools your home when it’s hot outside, and is more efficient than typical air conditioning.
  • Easier on the environment. Choosing a high-efficiency heat pump reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lowers carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Indoor air quality. Heat pumps circulate indoor air longer than other systems do, so air is filtered more often.
  • Reliable performance. Heat pumps can deliver 15 years or more of dependable service with only simple, routine maintenance.
  • Quiet operation. The new generation of heat pumps is quiet both inside and out.

*Compared to a standard electric furnace replaced with a ductless heat pump system. Savings on a ducted system is up to 40 percent. Individual circumstances will vary. Ask the PGE Energy Experts, or your dealer, for more information.

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