1. You see the term “kilowatt-hour” on your PGE bill each month, and you get charged for each one you use – but what is a kilowatt-hour

  2. Three fridges, over 450 pounds of water, and several weeks of testing - the top 6 tips about refrigerators that can help you save energy and money.

  3. You hear it all the time: You’re wasting energy and money from all those devices you have plugged in, but aren’t using. But is it true? And how much energy is really wasted?

  4. It's your most asked question: What's the most efficient way to boil water. In this episode we test three popular methods - a microwave, an electric burner, and an electric kettle.

  5. Can cold water really get clothes as clean as hot? In episode 2 we put cold water washing to the test to see if really gets the job done.

  6. So, which is more efficient: hand washing your dishes or using a machine washer? In this episode we test both methods to find out which is the king of dish washing efficiency.