Net Metering

How it works

Net Metering helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy from PGE with energy you generate at home.

You get credit in your PGE account for power you produce and don’t use. (See Net Metering Billing for details.)

Net Metering requires several steps (see below), including having a special Net Metering meter installed that is different than a standard PGE smart meter. Installation is free.

For solar projects, you may instead apply for our Solar Payment Option rather than Net Metering. As the name implies, with the Solar Payment Option PGE pays you for the power your system generates up to the amount of electricity you use.

Steps for setting up Net Metering

  1. Before beginning construction, complete PGE’s application for Net Metering interconnection. For larger systems, see Business Net Metering.
  2. You will also need to complete a Net Metering agreement. You may wish to sign and include the agreement with your application to speed the process.
  3. When your system is completed and has passed the appropriate city or county inspections, email us. We will make a final inspection and install your Net Metering meter.

Send completed documents by:


Fax: 503-464-2300, Attention: Net Metering coordinator


  • PGE Net Metering coordinator
    121 Salmon St., 3WTC-0402
    Portland, OR 97204

You’re done! You’ll get credit each month for the energy you don’t use that flows to the power grid. Plus, you can claim your financial incentive and tax credits.

Contact us

For more information, email us, or call the Net Metering coordinator at 503-464-8100.