Solar Payment Option

If you install solar energy panels on your property, you can choose our Solar Payment Option that pays you for the power your system produces.

The Solar Payment Option is an alternative to Net Metering. If you choose the Solar Payment Option, your project does not qualify for Oregon solar energy tax credits or Energy Trust incentives, so you would be required to pay more of the up-front installation cost. You are, however, still eligible to receive available federal tax credits. 

For some customers, the Solar Payment Option may pencil out to be a much more appealing financial arrangement.

To learn more, see the Solar Payment Option FAQ.

Standard option

In our standard Solar Payment Option, PGE will pay you for the power your system generates up to the amount of electricity you use. If your system generates more power in any month than you can use, excess generation gets credited to later months. Excess generation above your annual usage, however, is not eligible for payment.

Reference documents

Solar Payment Option feed-in tariff rate schedule

Competitive bid option

If you’re interested in submitting a Request for Proposal for a competitive bid, see the documents below: