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Renewable Energy Options
Renewable Energy Options
As a residential customer, you have choices when it comes to your electric service.
Renewable Energy Options

PGE’s renewable power program helps ensure a reliable, sustainable energy future for Oregon, and thanks to our customers it’s the most successful program of its kind in the country.*

We offer three renewable energy options and an opportunity to support local habitat restoration so you can make energy choices based on what’s important to you.

Here is the information you need to compare your energy options, including pricing formulas, supply mixes and environmental impacts.

You don’t have to do anything to continue receiving PGE’s Basic Service, which is the way you’ve traditionally paid for electricity. You can enroll in a new option at any time. New pricing options take effect during the billing cycle following enrollment processing.

Generate your own power
Explore the costs and generous financial incentives available if you generate your own power. Find tips and resources on going solar and learn how our Net Metering Service lets you offset the cost of the electricity you use from PGE.

*Latest National Renewable Energy Laboratory ranking for number of renewable power customers and most renewable energy sold.
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