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Bill Payment Assistance
Bill Payment Assistance
Bill Payment Assistance

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to pay your energy bills. Help may be available for you through a variety of resources.

Bill-payment assistance programs
Following is information on the three primary programs that offer bill-payment assistance to qualified customers. To be eligible for any of these programs, you must meet the income guidelines in the chart below. However, funding is limited, so even if your income falls within the required limits, there is no guarantee that you will receive assistance. In addition, you do not need to apply for help from a specific program; the agency you contact will determine which program, if any, you may qualify for.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps eligible families and individuals pay their energy bills in winter. The program opens to the general public in December, but special outreach is provided in October and November to seniors, the disabled and households with children under the age of six.

Oregon Energy Assistance Program
OEAP is a year-round assistance program funded by a state-mandated charge added to all PGE customers’ bills.

HEAT Oregon
For 25 years, HEAT Oregon, a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been gifting warmth and power to customers struggling to pay their winter utility bills. It’s funded by donations from partnerships with PGE and other utility companies, as well as from private individuals. One-time grants are distributed through community nonprofit organizations. Learn more about HEAT Oregon.

Income guidelines
Below are the 2016 income guidelines for LIHEAP and OEAP (eff. Oct. 1, 2015). HEAT Oregon income guidelines are slightly higher than those listed below.

Size of family unit Maximum annual income Maximum monthly income
1 $21,933 $1,827.75
2 $28,681 $2,390.08
3 $35,429 $2,952.42
4 $42,177 $3,514.75
5 $48,926 $4,077.17
6 $55,674 $4,639.50
7 $56,939 $4,744.92
8 $58,205 $4,850.42
9 $59,470 $4,955.83
10 $60,735 $5,061.25
11 $62,001 $5,166.75
12 $63,266 $5,272.17
Each additional member   $1,265    $105.44

Where to apply for assistance
The following organizations distribute some, or all of the funding sources listed above. Please call the agency in the county where you live.

County Organization Phone Number
Clackamas Clackamas Co. Social Services 503-650-5640
Marion/Polk Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action
Toll-free number outside of Salem
  The Salvation Army 503-585-6688
Multnomah Human Solutions, Rockwood/SE Powell offices 503-405-7877
  Impact NW 503-988-6020
  IRCO − Asian Family Center 503-235-4932
 Native American Youth and Family Center 503-972-2463
  Neighborhood House 503-246-1663
  Self Enhancement Inc. 503-240-0828
Washington Community Action, Beaverton/Hillsboro offices 503-615-0771
Yamhill Community Action, McMinnville (YCAP)
Toll-free number
503-472-0457 x1480
855-216-5289 x1480

Weatherization and energy efficiency assistance
Weatherizing your home can help you control your energy bills, but it can be difficult on a tight budget. If you meet the income guidelines for bill-payment assistance, you may be eligible for free residential weatherization programs. Learn more about Weatherization Assistance.

If you earn too much to qualify for weatherization assistance, but energy-efficiency improvements still seem beyond your budget, you may be able to participate in the Savings Within Reach program from Energy Trust of Oregon. This program offers special incentives to help moderate-income homeowners make upgrades.

PGE resources
In addition to the external programs listed above, PGE has some programs and information that may be helpful if you are having trouble paying your bill.

Payment options
PGE offers payment options that can help you manage your energy bills. There are no income restrictions on these options:

  • Equal Pay evens out your monthly bill, so it’s the same every month. This can make budgeting easier.
  • Preferred Due Date lets you choose a due date for your PGE bill that works best with your cash flow. The actual due date will be on or after the date you request, typically within five days of that date.
  • If you have fallen behind on your PGE bill, there may be payment terms that can help you catch up. Please call PGE Customer Service so we can work together on a solution: 503-228-6322 in Portland; 503-399-7717 in Salem; or 800-542-8818 outside of Portland or Salem.

Energy-efficiency information
Explore our Energy Savings section to learn how you can use less energy and control your bill. Highlights include:

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