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Electricity is vital to modern life, but its power also deserves respect.

Business Safety
Electrical safety rules help prevent dangerous, costly accidents and fires.

Classroom Support
Find free teaching materials, including activities and presentations on electrical safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy — and the science behind them.

Electric and Magnetic Fields
Learn about the safety issues regarding the electric and magnetic fields surrounding power lines.

Electricity 101
Get the basic facts about how electricity works, plus safety fundamentals.

Home Safety
Check out these recommendations for using electricity safely around the house.

Kids’ Safety
Kids will enjoy these short videos featuring Larry the Lightbulb and presenting safety messages with song and dance.

Outdoor Area Lighting
Learn how PGE can help you choose, order, install and maintain outdoor area lights for your home or business, or streetlights for local governments, including information on new LED streetlight options.

Outdoor Safety
Understand common hazards involved with boating, tree-trimming, and underground or overhead wires.

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