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Tree Maintenance
Tree Maintenance
Help prevent outages and keep your trees happy and healthy with these tips.
Tree Maintenance

Trees and Outages
Trees are a big part of what makes living in northwest Oregon special. They save energy by shading our homes, provide habitat for wild creatures, help clean our air and beautify our neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, trees are also the leading cause of storm-related power outages in PGE’s service area. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take a storm; falling limbs from sick or poorly maintained trees can lead to an outage.

What you can do
While PGE maintains a rigorous tree-maintenance program for trees along power line right-of-ways, tree outages still happen. About 90 percent of tree-related outages occur during storms and are caused by trees growing outside of the right-of-way — for example, a tree growing in a front yard rather than a parking strip.

Right tree, right place, right care
That’s why PGE offers guidance in selecting, planting and pruning trees. Check out our handy guide to choosing street-smart trees. You can help prevent tree-related outages by following the “right tree, right place” guidelines when planting, and keeping all of your trees pruned properly.

Stay safe
Also, remember these important safety points:
  • Watch for overhead power lines when moving ladders or tools.
  • Need to prune or remove a tree? Call the PGE Tree Hotline at 800-544-1794.
  • Call before you dig. Dial 811 to have underground utilities marked. Call at least two business days prior to digging.
  • Don’t let children play in trees near power lines.
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