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Tree Selection Guide
Tree Selection Guide
Tree Selection Guide
Here’s a guide to trees that are compatible with parking strips and areas near overhead utility lines. These “small” trees mature to 20-35 feet — about the height of a two-story house. This list is by no means comprehensive, but we recommend these trees because they’re attractive, available locally, require little maintenance and have no serious insect or disease problems.

Tree selection guide
Select your choices on the menus below and click “Submit” to see a list of trees suitable for planting in parking strips and areas near overhead power lines.

1. Maximum height of mature tree:

2. Maximum width of mature tree foliage:   

3. Flowering or non-flowering:   

Get expert advice
This guide can be a useful starting point, but we encourage you to consult a professional — your local nursery person, landscape architect or landscape contractor. They are experienced horticulturists who can provide valuable assistance and information. In addition, check with city officials to make sure your landscaping plans comply with local ordinances.

Trees that reduce stormwater runoff
Another resource for selecting street trees is a handbook published by Metro, “Trees for Green Streets: An Illustrated Guide.” It highlights species of trees that do the best job of reducing the amount and rate of stormwater runoff entering the piped stormwater system. See the Metro website for ordering information.
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