Becoming a PGE Supplier

Important information on requirements and process

Want to become a PGE supplier?

Email us at and tell us about your company’s products and the services you provide. A PGE representative will contact you within a few days to start the capabilities review process.

PGE’s Supplier Qualification Program

PGE contracts with ISNetworld in support of our Supplier Qualification Program. This program reviews all suppliers whose engagement may otherwise pose a safety, financial, quality or regulatory risk to PGE’s customers and shareholders.

Suppliers doing work deemed high-risk are required to pay an annual fee to participate in the program. The amount is set by ISNetworld and is based on a supplier’s number of employees.

Prospective high-risk suppliers are required to provide:

  1. Various safety documents and ratings
  2. Certificate of insurance – Suppliers and contractors performing professional services, pollution related services, repair and maintenance of major equipment and other work on PGE property must meet certain criteria and minimums. Read the full PGE insurance requirement document for more information.
  3. Financial documentation and ratings
  4. Sustainability documentation
  5. Diversity classifications and certifications (if applicable)
  6. Quality Management Systems information (if applicable)

Important PGE supplier documents

To inquire about becoming a PGE vendor, email us.